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Alarmed Disc Lock

Dundrod Alarm 14x54

The MILENCO Dundrod​ Alarmed Disc Lock is a powerful theft deterrant. It has been designed and engineered to far exceed the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Standard. Can be used as both a chain lock and or disc lock.

This Alarmed Disc lock has built in sensors to detect shock or movement. These sensors will trigger a powerful alarm to deter potential thieves.

This Disc Lock can be used with the alarm on or off. Lock once for the alarm to be on and lock twice to have the alarm off.

Sold Secure is the toughest security rating

Designed to be simple to fit, whilst achieving uncompromising security for your Motorcycle.

Constructed from the highest quality steel with a high grade, high visibility, non-corrosive plastic cover and sleeve for scratch protection, the high security lock is also pick resistant.

Fits all common Motorcycle discs. Recommend for use with Milenco Dundrod Chains

  • High Security Stainless Steel Keys x3

  • High Quality – Scratch Protection

  • Powerful Alarm

  • Replaceable Batteries

  • Lifetime guarantee on mechanical operation

  • Sold Secure Gold

Patents pending

Dundrod Alarm

Product code 6378

Dundrod Alarm & 12mm Chain 1m

Product code 6385

Dundrod Alarm & 12mm Chain 1.4m

Product code 6392

Dundrod Alarm & 12mm Chain 1.8m

Product code 6408

Dundrod Alarm & 14mm Chain 1m

Product code 6415

Dundrod Alarm & 14mm Chain 1.4m

Product code 6422

Dundrod Alarm & 14mm Chain 1.8m

Product code 6439

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