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Named after the circuit that plays host to the Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland, the Dundrod range of U-Locks and chains offers a selection of high-quality, versatile, and portable products.

All Dundrod U-Locks utilise double-walled lock chambers, and double-locking shackles with a corrosion-resistant coating. They are very lightweight when compared to the high level of security they offer. The Dundrod Alarm U-Lock has a 14mm thick shackle, with internal dimensions of 45mm x 54mm.

Not only offering a strong physical defence, but the Dundrod Alarm U-Lock also features a powerful motion-triggered alarm. Upon sensing movement, the product will loudly sound 5 warning pips, followed by a siren, attracting attention and creating a major theft deterrent. The sensor is designed to allow for slight movement caused by the wind, avoiding false alarms. The lock can be used with the alarm both engaged and disengaged, making it a highly versatile piece of kit.


On most motorcycles, the Dundrod U-Locks can be used as stand-alone disc locks, or paired with a heavy-duty chain.

The Dundrod chains are available in both 12mm and 14mm thicknesses. 12mm chains are lighter in weight, but 14mm chains offer increased resistance to attack. All Dundrod U-Locks and chains pass the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold and Bicycle Diamond standards, comfortably withstanding a 5-minute various tool attack test.

For technical information on security standards, click here.

All of our security products are engineered to be the highest quality possible, designed with a wealth of industry expertise and experience, and constructed from the best materials available. We use the latest information from the police, leading insurance providers, and independent testing agencies to create products that counter real-world motorcycle theft techniques.

All Milenco locks are pick-proof and highly resistant to all common forms of attack; including sawing, freezing, drilling, torque, wedge, cutting, and cropping. Expertly designed with a wealth of engineering experience, using the highest quality materials and latest testing methods available. All of our locks come with a lifetime guarantee.

All Milenco chains are constructed from the highest quality chrome-moly steel, offering outstanding resistance to bolt cropper and sawing attacks. The design of our chains is a closely guarded secret, and is crucial to ensuring the highest quality products possible. This includes the raw materials used, tempering and hardening procedures, heating and cooling times, and weld types. We do not buy 'off the shelf' products and brand them as our own.

The Dundrod range offers a fantastic balance of high-quality security, versatility, and portability.

Dundrod chains come in thicknesses of 12mm or 14mm, and are available in lengths of 1, 1.4, and 1.8 metres to suit your personal requirements. Includes a full-length chain sleeve and 3 stainless steel keys.

Use your U-Lock and chain with a Dundrod Ground Anchor for even greater motorcycle defence.

All Dundrod U-Locks and chains are compatible with the Milenco Chain Bag, to help keep you secure whilst out and about.

Products in this range:

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) (0.9 KG) (6378)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 12MM CHAIN - 1 METRE (4.1 KG) (6385)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 12MM CHAIN - 1.4 METRE (5.3 KG) (6392)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 12MM CHAIN - 1.8 METRE (6.6 KG) (6408)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 14MM CHAIN - 1 METRE (5.25 KG) (6415)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 14MM CHAIN - 1.4 METRE (6.9 KG) (6422)

DUNDROD ALARM U-LOCK (14x54) & 14MM CHAIN - 1.8 METRE (8.85 KG) (6439)

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