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The Composite Disc Locks combine high-security protection for your motorcycle​, with an incredibly easy to use, portable design.


An innovative design, utilising a hardened steel shaft that locks into an integrated steel retaining disc, housed within a lightweight yet heavy-duty composite casing. The product simply slides onto the disc, and the shaft is pushed in to secure it in place.


The Composite Disc Locks are available in 2 sizes: the 12x38 is suitable for most sports bikes, whilst the 14x60 is required for the larger discs found on tourers and cruisers. Both Composite Disc Locks exceed the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold accreditation, comfortably withstanding a 5-minute various tool attack test.

For technical information on security standards, click here.

The Composite Disc Locks offer a high level of motorcycle defence in a simple, pocket-sized package.

Composite Disc Locks come in slot lengths of 38mm or 60mm, depending on your disc size. Includes 3 stainless steel keys.


Both Composite Disc Locks are compatible with the Milenco Chain Bag, to help keep you secure whilst out and about.

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Products in this range: COMPOSITE DISC LOCK (12x38) (2.2 KG) (6354) COMPOSITE DISC LOCK (14x60) (2.75 KG) (6361)

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