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A vast number of motorcycles are stolen from homes every year, even those utilising locks and chains. If a bike isn't secured to something substantial, thieves have the opportunity to carry the machine away and deal with any security devices in their own time with a free choice of equipment. A wooden fence post, garage shelving, or a plastic drainpipe are simply not good enough. A quality ground anchor should be considered an essential part of your at-home motorcycle security setup.

The Snaefell Ground Anchor is the greatest companion to the Snaefell Diamond Lock & 22mm Chain, creating the ultimate motorcycle defence system. The hinged loop allows for the use of ultra-secure 18mm+ chains, and can fold flat inside the rubber bumper to avoid being an obstruction.

The Dundrod Ground Anchor offers a simple yet effective high-security solution, but does not fold flat like the Snaefell.

Our ground anchors can be fitted to a solid wall or floor using the included fitting kit; expanding anchor bolts, anti-drill steel ball-bearing inserts, and 2-part epoxy resin for extra strength.

Both of our ground anchors are constructed from the highest grade hardened steel, and can comfortably withstand the 5-minute various tool attack tests of the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, Ground Anchors Gold, and Bicycle Diamond standards.

For technical information on security standards, click here.

Help keep your beloved machinery safe at home by using your chains with a Milenco Ground Anchor.

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Products in this range: SNAEFELL GROUND ANCHOR (5.75 KG) (1519) DUNDROD GROUND ANCHOR (1.5 KG) (1526)

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