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If you’re buying locks in the UK, that are not currently Sold Secure approved, you’re simply wasting your money. You can check the validity of the sold secure approval at


Don’t be duped into buying obsolete product that may have had it approval withdrawn because it has been found or known to be inadequate.




Sold secure explained

Sold Secure is a unique test laboratory with its own collection of 30 + test standards for many different kinds of products. Sold Secure uses a mixture of repeatable and measurable testing and combines this with human intervention testing to replicate what thieves are doing in the real world. Sold Secure has two levels of Motorcycle Security approval, Gold and Diamond. It also has two levels of motor scooter security, Silver and Gold. Some test houses will utilise testing procedures which are “laboratory based only” and focus more on a “materials testing” approach, something that is measured and repeatable. Sold Secure testing procedures are developed and constantly updated using the latest information from the Police, Secure by Design and leading Auto insurers. The tests are designed to accurately simulate real- world attacks on motorcycle locks, utilising the latest techniques employed by thieves.

General Classification.

Sold Secure has product specific standards for example Motorcycle Gold is a very different standard to Pedal Cycle Gold with much heavier tools being used on the former. However, the following ethic forms the basis of how Sold Secure standards are written.

Bronze – Products offering theft resistance against simple tools concealed about the person (aimed at preventing opportunistic attacks)

Silver – Products offering theft resistance against a more determined attack with a higher level of tools.

Gold – Products offering the highest level of theft resistance which is aimed at preventing dedicated attacks.

Diamond –  Products offering the highest level of resistance which is aimed at preventing dedicated attacks but usually with additional tools that are added to Gold level following changes in crime trends.


So, how does it work?

Each product is firstly “bench assessed”. This involves dismantling the product, assessing what materials it is constructed from, how it is put together and, more importantly, finding potential areas of weakness to attack.

The testing then moves into Sold Secures state-of-the-art testing facility where the engineer will proceed with the physical attack tests.

Silver motor scooter –  Products offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacks) for a period of no less than 3 minutes.

Gold Motor scooter -  Products offering theft resistance against the full tool list (aimed at preventing dedicated attacks) for a period of no less than 5 minutes.

Gold motorcycle accreditation – The product must be able to withstand an attack lasting 5 minutes with multiple attack methods being applied following assessment.

Diamond motorcycle accreditation – as the gold standard but with the addition of an added  3 minute angle grinder attack test.

The list of tools and methods available to the tester are decided upon using the latest information from Police, Insurers and even reformed thieves. Then, having assessed the weak points of a system the tester will choose a range of tools and attack methods from their arsenal to ensure the best possible chance of "system failure" ensuring that Sold Secure is the most stringent test possible to date.

Dependant on the level of accreditation being sought, this list might include but is not limited to:


Concealable hand tools (screwdrivers, chisels, picks, shims, cutters etc)

Hacksaws and drills with various blades/bits

Pry / wrecking bars

Club and sledge hammers

Bolt Croppers various sizes

Splitters / Separators

Freezing agents

Angle Grinder (Diamond test only)


No product can give you a 100% guarantee of security but choosing to fit a product that has Sold Secure certification should give you the peace of mind that you are doing your best to dissuade and combat thieves. What is more, providing that you fit the product correctly in a suitable environment, you can be confident that your precious bike has a much better chance of still being there when you return.


ART Approvals explained.


Art is the European test house similar to Sold Secure but working to standards designed around commonly used attack methods on mainland Europe. 

This is a highly professional organisation where the standards are classified by stars ranging from 1 star to 5. 


A direct comparison is not really possible because the attack methods and techniques differ but a simple explanation would be the Milenco Products approved to Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver are Art 2 star. Our Snaefell lock Sold Secure Diamond approved is the top standard Art 5 star.

Milenco Sold secure gold approved products are typically 4 stars.


The benefit to you as a consumer is with both Sold Secure and Art approvals you can be sure all Milenco locks have been designed, engineered, develop, tested and approved to every known attack method across the UK and Europe.


Thacham approval


This was a standard written in the 1990s with a simple 2 minute attack time. This standard has been discontinued for Motorcycles and has been obsolete for years. It was a far lower security standard than those above.




Milenco Security ratings explained

Milenco also apply our own security ratings to our products. These are simply to enable you to understand how "secure" a product is within the parameters of our entire range. For example; the Coleraine 9mm chain and lock has a Milenco rating of 13 which indicates that it won't be as secure or strong as the Dundrod 14mm chain with a rating of 25. 

However, it is worth remembering that factors other than "security level" will influence your product choice. Weight, cost, number of bikes, environment etc should also be taken into account.

Milenco Lifetime Warranty

We offer a Lifetime guarantee on our locks that covers normal use and the correct care.

This warranty covers the functional operation of the product and the mechanical integrity of the lock itself and is governed by fair and normal use.

Any user error, misuse, loss of keys, incorrect storage or usage environment may void this warranty.

We have made locks for years and our number one customer complaint when a product will not open is customers using the wrong keys. If you have a problem please ensure you have the correct keys.

However....At Milenco we are here to help and believe in supplying you with the best product we can, so if you feel a Milenco Product has a problem, then get in touch and we will always aim to be as helpful as possible. 

Duplicate keys 

You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing us with your key number (delivery will take a minimum of 14 working days).

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