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Milenco is the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical security and safety products for leisure vehicles. Based in Milton Keynes, we have been designing high-quality, innovative locks for nearly 30 years; winning numerous awards and dominating the marketplace. Drawing on this, as well as a passion for motorbikes, we launched the Milenco Motorcycle Security range at Motorcycle Live in November 2018.

All of our security products are engineered to be the highest quality possible, designed with a wealth of industry expertise and experience, and constructed from the best materials available. We use the latest information from the police, leading insurance providers, and independent testing agencies to create products that counter real-world motorcycle theft techniques.

All Milenco locks are pick-proof and highly resistant to all common forms of attack; including sawing, freezing, drilling, torque, wedge, cutting, and cropping. The Snaefell Diamond Lock also offers extreme resistance to angle-grinder attacks. Expertly designed with a wealth of engineering experience, using the highest quality materials and latest testing methods available. All of our locks come with a lifetime guarantee.

All Milenco chains are constructed from the highest quality chrome-moly steel, offering outstanding resistance to bolt cropper and sawing attacks. The Snaefell Diamond Chain also offers extreme resistance to angle-grinder attacks. The design of our chains is a closely guarded secret, and is crucial to ensuring the highest quality products possible. This includes the raw materials used, tempering and hardening procedures, heating and cooling times, and weld types. We do not buy 'off the shelf' products and brand them as our own.

To ensure that we produce the best quality products possible, we work closely with independent testing agencies, including Sold Secure (UK) and ART (mainland Europe). Their testing procedures are constantly developed and updated using the latest information from the police, leading insurance providers, and even reformed thieves. The tests are designed to accurately simulate the attack methods and tools used in real-world motorcycle thefts. Accreditations issued by independent testing agencies are a reliable indicator of a product's quality and effectiveness as a form of motorcycle defence.


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For more information and to view approved products, visit Sold Secure - Security Product Testing & Approval

If you're buying security products in the UK that aren't Sold Secure approved, you're simply wasting your money.

Sold Secure provide accreditations for security products in a variety of different industries, with standards classified by 4 levels of theft resistance:


Bronze - Products offering theft resistance against simple tools concealed about the person, aimed at preventing opportunist thefts.

Silver - Products offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list, aimed at preventing more determined attacks.

Gold - Products offering theft resistance against a greater tool list, aimed at preventing even more dedicated attacks.

Diamond - Products offering the highest level of theft resistance, using additional tools that are added to the Gold level following assessment based on crime trends.

So, how does it work?

Firstly, each product is dismantled, with materials, assembly, and potential areas of weakness all assessed. The engineer will then conduct the physical attack tests in Sold Secures' state-of-the-art testing facility.

The Motor Scooter and Motorcycle standards are as follows:

Bicycle Bronze - Aimed at preventing opportunist theft; 1 minute attack time; basic tools that can be easily concealed about the person, i.e. screwdriver, small hammer, junior hacksaw etc.

Bicycle Silver - Aimed at preventing more determined attacks; 3 minutes; enhanced tool list including small bolt croppers, full-size hacksaw, pipe wrenches, crowbar etc.

Motor Scooter Silver / Bicycle Gold - Aimed at preventing more dedicated attacks; 5 minutes; higher tool list inc. TCT hacksaw, larger croppers, larger crowbars, lump hammer etc.

Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Gold / Bicycle Diamond - 5 Minutes, much higher tool list including largest Bolt croppers, machine-based crop test to ensure at least 7 tonnes of force is achieved, Drill with HSS bits etc.

Motorcycle Diamond - 5 minutes, tool list includes TCT drill bits and a 90-second angle grinder attack

The list of tools and methods available to the tester include:

  • Hand Tools (Screwdrivers, Chisels, Picks, Shims, Cutters)

  • Hacksaws and Drills (various blades / bits)

  • Pry / Wrecking Bars

  • Club and Sledge Hammers

  • Bolt Croppers (various sizes)

  • Splitters / Separators

  • Freezing Agents

  • Angle Grinders (Diamond test only)

Sold Secure is the most thorough testing certification to date. No product can give you a 100% guarantee of security, but employing a product with Sold Secure accreditation gives you the best chance of deterring and combating theft, and finding your bike where you left it.

Sold Secure weapons.jpg


04 ART Quality Mark 5 kleur-rand-2.jpg
ART_4 star.jpg
04 ART Quality Mark 3 kleur.jpg
04 ART Quality Mark.jpg

For more information and to view approved products, visit Home – Stichting ART

ART is the European testing agency, similar to Sold Secure, but working to standards designed around commonly used attack methods in mainland Europe. 

This is a highly professional organisation, where the standards are classified by stars, ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. 


A direct comparison is not really possible because the attack methods and techniques differ, but a simple explanation would be that products approved to Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver, are generally ART 2 STAR. Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond products are approved to the top standard, ART 5 STAR.


The benefit to you as a consumer is that with both Sold Secure and ART approvals, you can be sure that all Milenco products have been designed, engineered, developed, tested, and approved to every known attack method used across the UK and mainland Europe.


Thatcham was a standard written in the 1990s, with a simple 2-minute attack time. This standard has been discontinued for motorcycles, and has been obsolete for years. It was a far lower security standard than those detailed above.



We also apply in-house security ratings to our products. This is to provide a rough comparison between all the products in our range. For example; the Dundrod U-Lock (14x54) & 12mm Chain has a Milenco rating of 20, indicating that it is less secure than the Dundrod+ U-Lock (16x65) & 14mm Chain, which has a rating of 25. This is merely a guideline to help you decide what security is best for you.


Choosing security products is about finding a balance between 3 key factors: Security level, Portability, and Price.

We produce a wide range of motorcycle security products to suit your personal requirements.


We offer a lifetime guarantee on our locks that covers normal use and correct care.

This warranty covers the functional operation of the product and the mechanical integrity of the lock itself, and is governed by fair and normal use.

Any user error, misuse, loss of keys, incorrect storage, or usage environment may void this warranty.

We have made locks for years, and the most common outcome when it comes to lock-related issues is the use of an incorrect key. Please ensure that you are using the correct keys for your product, and that the key is fully inserted when turning.



At Milenco, we strongly believe in quality, and want you to have total confidence in the usage, reliability, and security of our products. If you feel your Milenco product has a genuine problem, please get in touch and we will always aim to be as helpful as possible.



To order spare/replacement keys for your Milenco lock, please telephone us on 01908 220102 with your key number and payment details to hand.

There are no master keys for our locks, so please keep a secure record of your key number.

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