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Milenco - Products you can trust

"Engineering excellence since 1993"

Milenco is the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical security products for leisure vehicles. Based in Milton Keynes, we have been producing market leading and  innovative locks for over 28 years; winning numerous awards and dominating mechanical security in the leisure vehicle marketplace.

Drawing on that wealth of engineering expertise and with a passion for bikes, we began the design process on our new Motorcycle range 3 years ago and the range was launched at Motorcycle Live in November 2018.

To ensure that we manufacture the absolute best product possible, we work closely with all of the independent test facilities including Sold Secure (UK) and Art (Mainland Europe) As independent testing facilities their procedures are developed and constantly updated using the latest information from real life thefts, insurance data from theft investigations and Police information. The tests are designed to accurately simulate real-world and current attacks on motorcycle locks, utilising the very latest techniques employed by thieves.

Milenco can boast that all of our motorcycle security range exceeds the Motorcycle Gold standard. We also make lighter 9 mm chain locks approved to the motor scooter and bicycle gold standard. Our engineering expertise combined with years of very successfully thwarting thefts on leisure vehicles has resulted in significant innovations for Motorcycle security. 

The Snaefell Lock and chain. This massive 22mm chain is constructed from the highest quality Chrome - Moly steel and is resistant to every attack thrown at it. Resulting in a chain and lock combination that is the first and only one to pass both the Sold Secure Diamond standard and Art five star approval. We are confident this is the World's Toughest and Best Motorcycle Lock.

Milenco has also committed to supporting the legendary Milenco Padgetts Racing team.
As title sponsor and to celebrate this partnership with Padgett's Motorcycles, our new range of locks have been named after road racing circuit: Coleraine, Dundrod and of course the toughest lock available... The Snaefell, named after the TT mountain course. With the likes of Conor Cummins, Davey Todd, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey on
board the Milenco bikes in 2019 we have already seen some mind-blowing rides, numerous wins and podiums giving us fantastic coverage for the brand.

- Large range of Chains
- Ground Anchors
- Integrated Lock/Chain combinations
- Double walled shackle locks
- Lifetime Guarantee on locks
- The highest quality construction materials
- Hardened Stainless-Steel Keys
- Ride Magazine "Best Buy " award
- Sold Secure Gold and Diamond awards


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