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Winner of Ride magazines "BEST BUY" award.



The Coleraine is an integrated chain and lock system. Constructed from the highest quality Chrome-Moly steel which is hardened and tempered to achieve the ideal combination of properties. Giving a finished product that is hard yet not brittle and light for its relative strength.

The integrated lock and chain also ensures that you never lose your lock !

Features : 


- Hardened Steel pick proof lock with a lifetime guarantee


- Resistant to Sawing, Freezing, Drilling, Picking.

- Also resists Torque, Wedge, Cutting and cropping attacks.

- Full length protective sleeve

- Supplied with x3 stainless steel keys

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Available in the following configurations :

Chain only 

9mm x 1.0m  (product code 2226) (1.85 Kg)

9mm x 1.4m  (product code 2233) (2.65 Kg)

9mm x 1.8m  (product code 2240) (3.5 Kg)

Chain with Lock 

9mm x 1.0m  (product code 5685) (2.25 Kg)

9mm x 1.4m  (product code 5692) (3.05 Kg)

9mm x 1.8m  (product code 5708) (3.9 Kg)


12mm x 1.0m  (product code 5715) (3.6 Kg)

12mm x 1.4m  (product code 5722) (4.8 Kg)

12mm x 1.8m  (product code 5739) (6.1 Kg)

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Sold secure_Bicycle_Gold.jpg
Sold secure_Bicycle_Gold.jpg
Sold secure_Scooter_Silver.jpg
Sold secure_Scooter_Silver.jpg
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